These pulled pork filled sweet potatoes make for an easy “throw it all in the oven” type of meal that doesn’t require a lot of attention. 👌🏼 It also gives you all the satisfaction of a pulled pork sandwich without all the mess! 🤩 It’s packed with protein and carbs for a perfect work lunch to keep you feeling full and energized 🕺🏼 Servings: 8 Calories per serving: 268 cal Protein per serving: 25 g Carbs per serving: 26 g Ingredients: 4 sweet potatoes 2 lb pork loin (fat trimmed) 1 yellow onion (sliced) 1/2 cup Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce 4 cloves garlic (minced) 1 cup carrots 1 cup purple cabbage Salt and pepper to taste

Instructions: 1. Pre-heat oven to 360 degrees 2. Place sliced onions into bottom of pan. Place whole pork loin on top of onions, then add 1/4 cup BBQ sauce to pork, flip over, and add the other 1/4 cup of BBQ sauce to other side of pork 3. Top pork with minced garlic, salt, and pepper 4. Place in oven and cook for 1.5 hours (or until internal temperate of pork reaches 145 degrees) 5. While pork is cooking, wash skins of sweet potatoes, poke holes in sweet potatoes with a fork, wrap in aluminum foil, and place in oven with pork for ~50 mins (until tender) 6. Remove potatoes and pork from oven. Pull pork apart with fork (or slice if you prefer) and stir with the onions. Slice potatoes in half, and scoop out SOME of the middle to make room for the pork mixture. 7. Spoon pork mixture into potato, and top with carrots and cabbage. Enjoy! 😋

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