This week's stew recipe produced a really large batch (just as the weather is starting to cool down) 🍂

I love to have soup throughout the Fall and Winter, but I don’t always have time to make soup from scratch. I also really want to avoid the excess sodium, preservatives, and added ingredients in canned/pre-packaged soups. Freezing the soup in individual portions is a great way to save time, without sacrificing the nutrition content 😉 To freeze in individual servings, just pour the soup into red solo cups and freeze for 5+ hours (or overnight like I did). Then remove the cups from the freezer, run some warm water on the outside edges of the cup to loosen the frozen soup, and place the frozen soup into a bag!

Now whenever you want some fresh homemade soup, all you have to do is heat 1 serving in the microwave or stovetop 🥣

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