This week’s recipe was a fun one! Super easy and portable to pack for lunch on the go, and so fun to make (just ask Austin) 👍🏼 I broke down the nutrition for each type of spring roll for easier mix and matching! 🤩 🌟 In the nutrition section, C is chicken rolls, S is shrimp rolls, and V is vegetarian rolls 🌟

📸 Check out the pictures for instructions, my kitchen “helpers” this week 😅, and Lexi’s reaction to the spring rolls 😃

Servings: Makes 28 spring rolls (9 chicken, 9 shrimp, and 9 vegetarian)

Calories per serving: 72 C, 64 S, 45 V

Protein per serving: 6g C, 8g S, and 0g V

Carbs per serving:  11g for each

Fat per serving: 1g C, 0g S & V


28 sheets rice paper

10 oz cooked chicken

10 oz cooked shrimp

1 cup shredded carrots

1 cucumber (sliced thin)

1 cup shredded red cabbage

3 bell peppers (sliced thin)


1. Prep vegetables by slicing peppers and cucumber thin. Cook chicken and shrimp if not already done.

2. Boil ~3 cups water then remove from heat and pour water into a large glass bowl. When the water cools off enough that you can stand the touch, dip in 1 piece rice paper.

3. Lay rice paper on plate, assemble carrots, cucumber, cabbage, peppers, and protein (if using) in a small rectangular shape in the middle of the paper (horizontal to you). Fold paper by folding the left, then right, then bottom, then roll! (Pics included)

4. Enjoy cold with sauce of choice! 😋

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